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Registerd Under the Bombay Public Trust Act.
Registration No. F38609 Mumbai dated 23-11-2009.
TAN No: MUM26716E.
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 Welcome to PORA

PORA is a sincere effort to make a difference. PORA is a cause. PORA firmly believes in pursuing its own objects. PORA is not affiliated to any political party and the Aims and Objects of PORA are of apolitical and secular in nature, substance, principle and spirit.




 Aims & Objects



 To safeguard universally recognized human rights of human beings.


To educate and create awareness among human beings about rights and duties of human beings towards society.

To educate human beings about their legal rights and the forum to approach for enforcement of the same as provided under the law.

To educate human beings about the fundamental rights available under the Constitution of India and do such acts so that the same may be available to human beings.

To educate human beings about the duties which the statutory and semi-statutory authorities are required to perform for enforcement of the legal rights of human beings and the appropriate forum for enforcing the same as provided under the law.

To educate and create awareness amongst human beings about the various mechanisms / methods by which corruption in governance can be exposed and curbed through citizen movements and social participation.

To provide legal aid and other aid to human beings who are deprived of their legal rights due to non-performance of duties by statutory and semi-statutory authorities.

To espouse the cause of aggrieved human beings whose legal right and/or human rights have been violated by other individuals and/or legal entities who is /are not a statutory and semi-statutory authority and to provide the aggrieved human beings with knowledge about his/her/its legal rights and the appropriate forum for enforcement of the same as provided under the law.

To initiate legal proceedings to espouse the cause of public interest for the benefit of public at large and society as a whole before appropriate forums of law.

To educate and create awareness among human beings about the mode, manner and implementation of the Right to Information Act, 2005.

To conduct surveys, make reports on human rights and legal rights issues, its violations and implementation and to analyze the data thereof for information and awareness of the public at large.

To donate in cash and kind to institutions, individuals groups and individuals etc. for medical, cultural, sports, education, art, research, food, clothing, housing, calamity reliefs etc. requirements.

To build/purchase hospitals, schools, sport facilities, art centers, research centers, old age homes, orphanages and houses for the poorest of poor and provide facilities to the mentally and physically handicapped etc. in the interest, development and benefit of public at large.

To publish/advertise literature through news letters, VCD’s audio/video, DVD’s Audio/Video, internet, television, cinema etc. on the subject of human rights and legal rights its violations and its enforcements through appropriate forums as provided under the law.

To organize seminars on human rights, legal rights and fundamental rights and matters related thereof.

To open, fund, establish, promote, set up, run, maintain, assist, finance, support and/or help the various community / society development / educational programmes and activities for welfare, use and benefit of the general public.

To take effective but reasonable and lawful steps for the eradication of social evils such as dowry system, bride burning, atrocities towards women, child labour, child marriage, domestic violence towards women and children, ill treatment of senior citizens neglect on the needs of the mentally and physically handicapped etc.

To open branches / offices / centers through out India to spread the aims and objects of the society.

To accept donations, grants, presents, gifts and other offerings in the shape of movable and immovable properties for attainment of the aims and objectives of the society.

To do such other acts / activities / things which are necessary and which may be incidental or conducive to achieve the aims and objectives of the society.

To educate, promote and create awareness about social and communal harmony, peace and tolerance and issues relating to religious sentiment, consumer awareness, education and employment, corruption in governance, ecological and environmental issues.

To establish, maintain and manage professional training institutes to input training to human beings to achieve the aims and objectives of the society.

To acquire / take over other institutions with objects similar to those of the society and to maintain, manage, develop, improve and extend the same.

To affiliate any society or association local or international in order to promote the overall object of the society.

To institute awards, trophies, medals for institutions or individual locally and internationally in areas such as arts, sciences, literature, social service and any other field covered by the aims and objects of the society.


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